breezeIt all started with an idea on a warm Italian beach. We have supplemented this with the true Dutch ‘bolderkar [small cart]- experience’. The idea has now developed into the first Coocarooc product: the versatile Breeze carrier. ‘Family style’ is our principle. Your many spontaneous reactions prove that our intention has been successful.

The development of the Breeze has taken 4 years in total. During this time, our testers and we ourselves have already enjoyed the Breeze and it has proven itself as a very durable product. We have adjusted the design (in particular safety issues) on some points (e.g. closed wheels). The result of these adjustments has recently been launched on the market. Our customers’ feedback is very enthusiastic.

That made us wanting more. Our ideas for the next Coocarooc products are ready to go. Enjoying family life is the focal point once again. We will realise this principle in the coming years with great care and enthusiasm. Today, the world is yours. We wish you many pleasant outings with your family and the Coocarooc Breeze!

Enjoy outings with the kids. No more tired legs. And space for the luggage. Whether you are going for a walk or shopping, the Breeze can go anywhere.

The Breeze is the handiest, foldable and light-weight carrier for outings with several small children.

easy to handle

The Breeze can be taken apart in 4 parts, fits in any passenger car and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the house either. The Breeze is very manoeuvrable as it weighs less than 18 kg and can be taken on the train or plane in its handy carrier case. Download the instructions (2,8 Mb).

With the (additional) seats, the Breeze can seat a maximum of 3 toddlers. A baby in a car seat and a toddler together also fit in the Breeze. Recline the back and the Breeze becomes a wonderful toy for the older children, hours of fun guaranteed.

Several accessories, such as various canopies, are available so that you can protect your children from any weather and increase their comfort. Only the orange/black colour combination is deliverable for the moment but other colours and patterns will be available in the future.

The Breeze feels at home in many different environments, such as:

in town

The Breeze already has gotten the name ‘The new kid in town’. Its great manoeuvrability makes it the ideal urban carrier. Children are safe in ‘their’ Breeze. Shopping together turns into an adventure.

on the beach

Where the idea originated. For the children and the beach stuff. For a rest and for storage. And at the end of the day, everything back in the Breeze to go home.

in the forest

Discovering nature together. It’s easy to bring the smallest members of the family along. Even long distances are not a problem as the Breeze is light and easy to manoeuvre.

in the snow

Nobody has to stay in. The whole family out and about, also in the winter. The children enjoy extra protection with the (additional) canopy with a front part. As the Breeze is pulled like a sleigh, it has no trouble with a thick layer of snow.

in an amusement park

Royal enjoyment, all day long. Take full advantage of all the rides and have a rest in between in the Breeze. The Breeze will quickly become a familiar spot for children where they can have a rest. Plenty of space for luggage too.


The Coocarooc Breeze is a very versatile carrier. Designed to improve the mobility of large and small families for many years. Enjoyment and comfort for parents and children.


The little ones can also come along in their own safety seat that can be placed in the front part of the Breeze. The safety seat is fixed with the standard included safety belt. The back seat still provides plenty of space for an older brother or sister.

carrier for toddlers

Probably the best way to discover the world. Three toddlers can be transported in the Breeze, each on their own seat with their own safety straps. An optional canopy is available to protect the trio from the rain.

push cart

Finally behind the wheel yourself. The Breeze can be used as a push cart for older children.


Not only children but also all that other necessary stuff fit in the Breeze. Handy for on the beach or when doing the shopping.

Veritas, an independent bureau, has tested the Breeze extensively and has approved the product in accordance with the carrier norm EN 1888 and as far as applicable in accordance with the toy norm EN 71 ( with the type approval for part 1).

The displayed colour combination (orange/black) is for the moment the only colour option, but we will make sure that other colours and patterns become available in the coming years.

With one child a buggy
with more Coocarooc!!

The Coocarooc Breeze has been patented (patent pending). The model of the Coocarooc Breeze has been registered.

The Breeze consists of the following parts:

smiley_blue A foldable frame of aluminium pipe and plastic hinges and connectors.
smiley_blue A front wheel assembly of aluminium pipe, plastic connectors, 12″ wheel and tyre, brake set, parkingbrake and an adjustable pull bar.
smiley_blue A cockpit of Cordura™fabric, foam and waterproof plywood.
smiley_blue Two 16″ main wheels and tyres with quick release axles.
smiley_blue One safety harness.
smiley_blue One car seat strap.

quality references

smiley_green Frame tubes anodised AL6061
smiley_green Stainless steel draw bar hinge
smiley_green TPR grip covers
smiley_green Aluminium casting and extrusion for the link between front wheel assembly and the frame
smiley_green Steel front fork with powder coating
smiley_green Corrosion resistant, the bottom metal parts comply with the requirements of the 48 hour salt water spray test, the top metal parts comply with the requirements of the 12 hour salt water spray test

The following materials, amongst others, are used in the cockpit:
smiley_green Cordura (see
smiley_green Hypalon (see
smiley_green Water proof glued plywood

safety characteristics

smiley_yellow Dynamic drum brake
smiley_yellow Parking brake
smiley_yellow Safety wrist strap
smiley_yellow Possibility to use safety straps
smiley_yellow Possibility to fasten a car seat
smiley_yellow The draw bar hinge is adjusted to friction in order to avoid that the draw bar falls on a child
smiley_yellow Floor parts covered in fabric in order to avoid pinching between both floor parts
smiley_yellow Soft frame work around the cockpit
smiley_yellow Frame locking with double action
smiley_yellow Rubber cover around the draw bar hinge
smiley_yellow Smooth design in order to limit injury risks
smiley_yellow Closed rims, spokes with rounded edges
smiley_yellow Countersunk quick release buttons in the back wheels

comfort characteristics

smiley_red Air Tyres
smiley_red Possibility to shield occupants from weather conditions by means of (optional) accessories
smiley_red Seats (optional)
smiley_red Light-weight
smiley_red Low rolling resistance
smiley_red Quick folding and unfolding (within 1 minute)
smiley_red Manoeuvrable
smiley_red Folded into a small package
smiley_red Easy to transport in the carrier case

The Breeze is suitable for transporting a maximum of 3 children at the same time. This depends on the age and weight of the children. The maximum authorised weight is 75 kg.

Due to regulations, the carrying capacity of the Breeze is determined by its utility purpose:
smiley_grey General 75 Kg
smiley_grey Baby carrier 40 Kg
smiley_grey Push Cart 50 Kg

The Breeze has been approved in accordance with the baby carrier norm EN 1888 and as far as applicable in accordance with the toy norm EN 71 (with a type approval for part 1).

The Breeze is easy to fold and unfold, it takes less than a minute. Fold the carrier as follows:

1. Unlock the central hinges (l&r)
2. Unlock the back rest locks (l&r)
3. Release the pull bar adjustment and front clip
4. Disconnect the frame from the extra section
5. Fold the frame
6. Remove the main wheels (l&r)

The main measurements of the Coocarooc Breeze are shown below. With a maximum width of 785 mm, the Breeze fits through a standard door.


Folded, the parts of the Breeze are within a package dimension of 70 x 67 x 27 cm.

Breeze, “Le Car”.

Breeze also takes the baby along.

Breeze as a toy.

Breeze on the great open space of the moor.

Breeze on holiday.

Breeze in the forest.

Breeze on a beautiful autumn day.

Breeze in town.
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Breeze visiting granddad and grandma.

Breeze fun for the whole family.

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