Canopy ClosedFor protection against sun, wind and rain. Perfectly suitable for the small ones who want to take a nap in the Breeze. Especially in combination with the gauze canopy front part made out of gauze. The canopy closed can also be combined with the transparent canopy front part. The canopy contains special ventilation openings.

Simple to fasten and unfasten. You can fold the canopy completely flat; handy for transport and when using the Breeze. Download the instructions(1,5 Mb).

The canopy closed is made out of black fabric with a grey reflecting strip on both sides. The flaps on both sides can be tightened to the central hinges, by means of the straps with a click fastening. This keeps the canopy on the carrier, even when the wind is strong. The bottom of the canopy is fitted with elastic band in order to ensure that no draught can pass under the canopy and for a correct fitting over the carrier. The front of the canopy is equipped with a solid zip to which the transparent or gauze front part can be fastened.

The canopy’s frame is connected to the carrier’s frame by means of two plastic clips. The three frame arches of the canopy are connected on these two clips. Two of the three arches have hinges. The three frame arches are made of anodised aluminium tubes.

The sitting height under the canopy is 60 cm if the rear bench is used.
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