Nothing better than discovering the world together.

The crossbar enables to put the front seat in tandem position. The children are then seated one behind the other. All three can also be seated under the canopy.

Handy to hold on to or to hang fun toys.

Download the instructions (1 Mb).

The cross bar is made out of an anodised aluminium tube with a plastic adaptor on both sides that fits on the central hinges of the Breeze frame. On the one side, the adaptor can be released by means of a press on the button and can be pushed inside against the spring-load. The crossbar is then shortened and can be placed between the central hinges of the Breeze. By extending the adaptor it blocks again and the locks the crossbar into position.

The aluminium tube has a black fabric cover with foam padding on the inside to limit injury risks. Moreover, the tube has two buckles to fasten the shoulder straps of a safety belt when the front seat is used in tandem position.

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