front seat

Because all kids like to sit in the front once and a while!

Using the front seat means that you can transport three children at the same time. The front seat can be placed opposite the back seat.

In combination with the crossbar, the front seat can also be placed in tandem position. This is the only configuration that enables you to have three children at the same time under the canopy.

The safety belts can be used in both positions.

The front seat is made from black fabric and stuffed with foam. The back and the seat cover have padding as well. The back is extended with a head rest and reinforced with waterproof glued plywood. The shoulder straps of the safety belt go through two loops at the top of the back and are then fastened to buckles at the front of the Breeze frame or to the buckles on the cross bar, depending on the position of the seat. The cross strap of the safety belt is fastened to the buckle on the front of the seat. The seat can be secured to the bottom of the cockpit by means of the Velcro strip underneath the seat. This facilitates the installation of the front seat in the Breeze.
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