family style

Coocarooc products have been designed to improve the mobility of large and small families. Alone or together. Young or old. In the countryside or close to home. In any weather. It’s all about enjoying each other’s company and enjoying your outing.


Solid shape and function. The power of a Coocarooc product can also be found in the simplicity of the design. This results in that specific look. Completely based on the tradition of the Dutch design.


Family Style is the fundamental idea. The challenge for a new Coocarooc product is to base the design and the content on this principle. By linking intelligent functionality to the possibilities of innovative and new materials.


Safety is a first requirement. Coocarooc products are therefore extensively tested and comply with all applicable standards. The final safety of our products however, is determined by you as a user. Please always read the instructions before you start using a Coocarooc product.