Can the Breeze go on the back of the bicycle?
No, that is not possible (yet). Although this point is high on our wish list “to be developed”, further research is still required before we can confirm whether this is possible within the current regulations.

What are the dimensions of the Breeze in folded state?
The Breeze is delivered in a box of 70 x 67 x 27 cm.

Is the Breeze available in different colours?
No (not yet), for the moment only in orange/black.

What does the Breeze weigh?
The Breeze weighs 18 kg, excluding accessories and can be taken apart in four parts.

Is the Breeze not too big for one child?
The Breeze is definitely not too big for one child, the experience in my family is that little friends often come along and else my wife [ :-) ] knows how to fill the space with shopping, picnics, spare clothes, etc.

Is the Breeze only suitable for walks on the beach?
Absolutely not, most customers only discover the versatility of the Breeze once they use it. The carrier has been designed for outings with the whole family. This can be in the country side or in the forest but also in town. The Breeze is easy to manoeuvre, even when heavily loaded. Special warnings are stated in the instructions for use on steep/mountainous terrain. Walking along the high-water mark with the Breeze is easy, in the sand you’ll have to pull harder.

What is the delivery period?
Deliveries are made within 7 working days in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland and Italy.